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Hillside Album Hour with the Waybacks and John Cowan and Friends
4/26/08 Hillside, Merlefest, NC

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FestivaLink.net Show Notes

FestivaLink.net presents Hillside Album Hour Led Zeppelin II Tribute with The Waybacks & John Cowan & Friends at MerleFest, NC 4/26/08

Could this be the first Led Zeppelin tribute where the singer calls out,"more banjo?" James Nash of The Waybacks did the arrangements for this exceptional troupe of acoustic players. John Cowan channeled Robert Plant in his own unforgettable style. Led Zeppelin II was released in 1969 and was hugely influential on hard rock music that followed, and on many of these musicians, who claimed they all had a ball. The Hillside audience had fun, too - you can hear 'em!

John Cowan
James Nash
Warren Hood
Joe Kyle, Jr.
Chuck Hamilton
Phil Wade
Pete Wernick
Tom Ball
Betse Ellis
Shad Cobb
Byron House
Tom Rozum

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The Waybacks
John Cowan Band

Photos by Leila Jackson (Gnu Moon Graphics)

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(Click for a 30 second preview clip)
Whole Lotta Love 6:51
What Is And What Should Never Be 4:58
The Lemon Song 9:49
Thank You 4:59
Heartbreaker 4:52
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) 2:51
Ramble On 6:11
Moby Dick 3:30
Bring It On Home 6:02
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Reviews & Comments
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  Terry  (6/5/2008 7:50:10 AM)
Just after having the wonderful opportunity to meet Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, i walked over to the Hillside stage, and started running, when i heard the Zeppelin covers! It was reminiscent of the Waybacks and Bob Weir show 2 years before, so i... MORE>
Greg  (5/16/2008 8:59:33 AM)
We were the bright orange hats bobbin' through the whole set. Highlight of Merlefest for me this year!!! Great album.
Bruce  (5/13/2008 4:03:58 PM)
Sat in the second row center and all I can say is AWESOME!! The hillside was the place to be on that rainy Saturday. Buy this!! You will not be disappointed.
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